Rock Hill Outreach Center

What we offer

Food Pantry

Jesus Himself fed thousands of people fish and loaves of bread, and then made it clear that He is the ‘Bread of Life’. At the Rock Hill Outreach Center we offer both kinds of bread. The 3rd Thursday of every month our volunteers transport 6,000 pounds of food from the East Texas Food Bank in Tyler to our Outreach Center facilities.On the 3rd Saturday of every month, starting at 9:00a, we give it away to the needy in our community. We are able to provide families a week’s worth of canned goods, bread, produce, some essentials and a little bit of meat.Obviously, we are simply “filling in the gap”.

According to the latest US Census Bureau, 16% of the folks in Henderson and Smith Counties are living in poverty. Through the gift of food we are able to show people that we care about their physical well-being, and by listening to each individual who comes through our door and offering them an opportunity to pray, we also show that we care about their spiritual well-being. Just one way we serve Jesus by serving others.

Clothes Closet

The Rock Hill Outreach Center serves people in our community by providing them with gently worn clothing. Our Clients range from infants and children to elderly men and women. We provide them with clothing, accessories, shoes and bags.

"Bear Necessities" - Feed the Kids

More than 800 students in Brownsboro ISD are on the free lunch program at the intermediate and elementary school level. Some of those students leave school on Friday not knowing what they will eat over the weekend.The Bear Necessities ministry helps students know they will be provided for.

The Rock Hill Outreach Center is leading the way with the Brownsboro ISD to provide nutritious food each weekend throughout the year.Our children and their well-being are the most important thing.

According to the most recent Texas hunger research, 1 in 5 Texas households are food insecure, and 1 in 4 children live in households that struggle to afford food. In this program, a backpack is given to students on Friday, filled with nutritious food to provide them meals for over the weekend. The backpacks are returned on Monday to be reused.

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