What is the Legacy Path?


The Legacy Pathway is a strategy to come alongside parents to celebrate key spiritual milestones in the life of a child. Milestone guides are available to help parents as they prepare to celebrate these milestones with their children. At key times throughout the year Rock Hill Baptist Church will host parent seminars and church events designed to equip and empower families to celebrate these milestones.


At Rock Hill Baptist Church we believe that parents are the primary faith shapers of their children and the home is the primary institute for for passing faith on to the next generation (Deuteronomy 6:4-9). The legacy path is a tool designed to help parents to intentionally disciple their children by partnering with them at key ages and stages of their child’s life.


While there are certain age suggestions for celebrating each milestone, a family can jump on the pathway at anytime. Families are even able to adapt previous milestones and celebrate them in their own homes. The legacy path is designed to be more than a series of experiences that children move through on their way to adulthood. Many milestones signify markers in a child’s life that become meaningful and real when they are reinforced in the home through an ongoing focus.


**Milestone Pages are Under Construction**. Each milestone will have a page dedicated to equipping parents through guides, podcast, and at home activities!

Family Dedication

(birth - 2 years) Make a commitment known to your faith family to raise your child in a Christ centered home.

Intentional Faith Talks

(4+ years) Set aside and plan a recurring time to focus on spiritual truths with your child.

Bible Presentation

(6+ years) Present your child with a Bible in front of their faith family to celebrate their new ability to read. Actively begin memorizing scripture together.

Worship Together

(7+ years) Establish the practice of adoring God personally, at home, at church, and as a lifestyle.

Preparing for Adolescence

(11+ years) A time for parents to celebrate and equip their child for the changes brought about by adolescence.

Passage to Adulthood

(12+ years) A special time for a parent to provide their child with a vision for the future as they begin the journey towards adulthood.


(13 years+) An intentional focus to instill an understanding and encourage a lifestyle of biblical purity in all aspects of life.


(18 years+) Celebrate and encourage your child as they step into adult independence.

Living Deployed

(18 years+) Living deployed encompasses all aspects of being a disciple of Christ. As you leave your parent's home commit yourself to living on mission as a disciple of Christ.

Faith Decision / Baptism / Lord Supper (Ages may vary)

Faith Decision

Be prepared to know how to present the Gospel with your children. There is nothing greater in this life that we can share with our children than the knowledge and understanding of what it means to be a follower of Christ. It's not always easy to know what to say, but you can do it and we want to help you be prepared.


After your child has come to trust Christ as their Lord and Savior guide them to make known the story of Christ through believers baptism.

Lord Supper

Throughout the year our church celebrates the Lord's supper to remember how Jesus changed the story of our lives through His death, burial, and resurrection. After your child has come to trust in Christ as their Lord and Savior encourage them to observe the Lord's Supper.

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