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Zoey's Place

What is Zoey's Place?
Zoey's Place is an orphan feeding and care center in the remote village of Bwatha in Malawi, Africa.  Zoey's Place was founded and built in 2013 by the generous hearts of the people of Rock Hill Baptist Church.   Zoey's Place  currently meets the daily needs of over 110 orphans, we call them 'Zoey's Friends.'  Each orphan receives a daily nutritious meal (that they otherwise might not receive), enables them to attend school (by providing the required uniforms, materials, any fees, etc), teaches them daily bible stories, provides for any medical need they have, and helps train them in life and work skills they will use as adults.  Zoey's Place ensures that the orphans are living in a safe home (usually the home of an extended family member and in some cases the home of an approved local Baptist church family). 

The Story, The Vision
The vision of Zoey’s place came from a mission trip to Malawi, Africa in the summer of 2013. God lead a team of missionaries on a very specific journey to help a special orphan named Trinity that was only a few days old. Their encounter with Trinity opened their eyes to the real and huge needs that Malawian orphans face. God began to stir a great vision within the hearts of these willing missionaries.  It was a vision that seemed too huge to ever be a real possibility, but with God ALL things are possible.
Thus, Zoey’s Place was born….
 Zoey’s Place is named after a beautiful baby girl, and though her time here on earth was short, the lives she has impacted are too numerous to count. The encounter with Trinity in Africa was on the second birthday of Zoey.  Coincidence? I think not!  God had ordained this very moment!  While here with us, Zoey and her family showed God’s love and grace to so many.  Zoey’s Place will also show God’s love and grace to many hungry children in Africa.  Orphans at Zoey’s Place will not only receive food for their physical body but food for their spirit, as they are being taught about our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!

Why Malawi?
Why Malawi, Africa you may ask.
Foremost, that is where the Lord has sent us!  Malawi is a small country on the southeastern side of Africa.  Year after year it remains one of the poorest countries in the world.  Ten percent of the population of Malawi are orphans, due to HIV/AIDS, malaria, cholera, typhoid and many other diseases caused by unsanitary living conditions. Malawi has the fewest doctors per capita of all nations. The average life expectancy for a Malawian  is 38 which leaves a lot of children parentless.  Malawi is thus home to over 1,200,000 orphans.  However, most orphans are absorbed into homes within their extended families or villages. The problem is that most families already have children of their own that they can barely afford to feed and clothe then the added burden of more mouths to feed causes great stress to the homes that take them in.  Many of these orphans are vulnerable to starvation and disease and most do not have the opportunity to attend school because of the costs.  The mission of the Zoey’s Place is to provide one nutritious meal a day, clothes, teach them about Jesus, good farming practices and other vocations.  Rock Hill has been involved with village evangelism and church planting for over three years in Malawi.  We have had the opportunity to start strong churches that are located in remote locations with no prior access to the gospel.  The mortality rate and poverty in these remote locations is extremely high and as a result there are more orphans who live in very vulnerable conditions.  As we continue to minister to these villages with the gospel we believe we need to address the needs of these children.  We believe Zoey’s Place will address the greatest needs these orphans have in remote villages through Malawi giving them not just food for the physical body, but giving them the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Our Mission
Zoey’s Place seeks to provide the basic necessities that might be missing from a vulnerable orphan’s life, primarily being the gospel of Jesus Christ and proper nutrition.   These children are known as “Zoey’s Friends.”
Distinguishing Principles of Zoey’s Place
1) Zoey’s Place will daily distribute food to orphans (“Zoey’s Friends”)
Who are Zoey’s Friends? – a child with no living parents or a child with only one living parent in need. One nutritious meal and clean water will be provided daily to these children.
 2) Zoey’s Place Feeding Centers will be located in remote, vulnerable areas with no presence of orphan care
Matthew 25:40 “the least of these”
3) Zoey’s Place will utilize the local Baptist churches
Churches will help provide housing for orphans without housing.  We’ll provide them the opportunity to contribute labor, goods, or money to the project as well has be involved with the spiritual development of the orphans.  Priority will be giving to RHBC church plants that meet certain criteria
 4) Zoey’s Place will strive to be self sustaining
Zoey’s Place will grow and raise as much of the food as possible for feeding so that only minimal supplemental food is needed.  Rock Hill’s financial role will be to initiate the center and build the necessary infrastructure and fill in the gaps as necessary
 5) Zoey’s Place will be concerned with Spiritual Growth of Zoey’s Friends
Zoey’s Place will provide evangelism, a biblical life foundation, and nurture their spiritual growth.

How Can You Help?
You can PRAY for Zoey's Place
How can you pray for Zoey’s Place and Zoey’s Friends?
1.Pray for the health, provision, and salvation of Zoey’s Friend
2.Pray for the Zoey’s Place Staff.
3.Pray that God continues to lead Zoey’s Place to "the least of these.”

You can PROVIDE for Zoey's Place
We have to ways that you can provide sponsorship for one of Zoey's Friends
1.  Sponsor an Orphan Child

Zoey's Place will ensure that the orphan is placed in a loving Christian family and your sponsorship will provide the child's daily necessities that will enable the child to live a sustainable and healthy life.  Your sponsorship will provide the following essential needs on a daily basis:

     • A daily nutritious meal
     • The ability for the child to attend primary school
     • A daily Bible Lesson and Songs taught by ZP staff
     • Training in essential life skills that will help the child live successfully and independently as an adult.  Trades such as farming, livestock, sewing, etc.
     • Any medical needs the child may have
The cost of a Zoey's Friend Sponsorship for one year is $25/month or a one time gift $300.

2.  Sponsor an Infant
Many mother's die at child birth and the infant is left to be cared for by a grandmother or extended family member.  Unfortunately, these care takers cannot afford to supply the infant with formula and other necessities to ensure the infant is properly cared for which leads to infant malnutrition and eventually death.  Sponsorship of an infant will provide formula, vaccinations, and all other necessities for the infant for 18 months or until the child is weaned off formula and able to enter our Zoey's Friend feeding program.  We have seen this program save the lives of a number of infants who were dangerously malnourished. The infant package is also available to infants whose mother are infected with HIV.  Most often the child is born without the disease, but will become infected through breast feeding.  This infant package prevents the child from becoming infected with HIV.
The cost of an Infant Sponsorship for 18 months is $36/month or a one time gift of $648.

Method of Payments Accepted are Online Credit/Debt Card or Cash or Check by mail. 
Click Here for Online Donations or Child Sponsorships (Go to select 'Select' and select 'Zoey's Place Orphan Feed')
or Make Checks Payable to:
             Rock Hill Baptist Church
             Attn: Zoey’s Place
             20022 SH 31 E
             Brownsboro, TX 75756 
All gifts to Zoey’s Place are tax deductible.

Rock Hill has regularly has mission trips scheduled where opportunities to serve at Zoey’s Place will be available.  Click here for a link to more information about our mission trips.

We hope that you will prayerfully consider taking part in this ministry to "the least of these" as one of our Zoey's Friends Sponsors.

James 1:27
"Religion that is pure and undefiled before God, the Father, is this:
to visit orphans and widows in their affliction."

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